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This is information that I hope will be helpful if you are interested in teaching a workshop for us. I keep thinking I can keep up with all the inquiries we get, but I'm not doing as well as I'd like, so at least you can check out this information and I hope it answers questions for you. AND I very much apologize if you've contacted me regarding teaching, and I haven't responded.

A little background. When I started this business almost 15 years ago, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I just thought Guatemala was so fabulous that I was sure other people - especially artist types - would think so, too. So, when I developed Art Workshops in Guatemala, I was open to any and all ideas for a workshop. If it sounded like something I would like to learn, then I figured other people would too. I spent an enormous amount of time - not days, but weeks and months, developing and marketing classes that just never went anywhere. I've let go of many class offerings, that I thought - and still think - are great ideas. Simply because, after years of offering them, nobody signed up for them.

Consequently, I have really cut down on the number classes I am willing to develop and offer. We are no longer offering theatre, dance or the courtyard gardens and I have no plans to do so in the near future. I would like to add more photography workshops. I am open to new classes in the book/fiber/ paper or visual arts field - IF the instructor has experience teaching, and has a base of students to draw from. I'm also very interested in the yoga / mediation / holisitc health - people trying to make positive changes in their lives - field. Honestly, this is so I can participate myself. As much as I would love to -- I don't have the time or money to take these kinds of workshops !! (Single motherhood and all that)

Another result of experience, is that I now put much more emphasis on the instructor's ability to help market and spread the word. Artists who teach - at their local art center, other national or international workshops, private classes in their homes, whatever !! have a student base, a mail list already on their computer - maybe even a newsletter - and probably current students who would love to travel with them. THIS MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD !!!

If you are really interested in teaching, you should come down and take a workshop with us. First of all, it is a great experience. And then, we both see if there is a fit. There is so much more to it than showing me a class idea and a portfolio. You need to genuinely love Guatemala - and the way we do things. I totally recognize that there are all kinds in this world -- and that this program isn't for everybody. If you are looking for five star hotels and love Club Med -- then you should probably pursue another program.

Something new I would consider, is that if you are an artist/instructor, and have a small group of students you know would like to join you in Guatemala, you could come down with them during one of our scheduled times (assuming we aren't too full that time slot) and give it a try. I'm a bit hestitant to put this out there... but I would consider it.

I'm afraid that I'm not open to scheduling workshops at times other than pretty much what you see on the web page. I have two school age children, and this is what we can manage for back and forth right now.

Also, it might be helpful for you to understand how my little brain works. I've used the following criteria when choosing classes:

1/ Whether I think your proposal is interesting and something I'd like to take myself. I've always figured that I'm just not all that unique. If I like it - other people will, too.

2/ It's extremely important the the instructor's work in their field is excellent. It must be of top, professional quality. I need to able to whole-heartedly encourage people to sign up for your class.

3/ You do have to have teaching experience. And I do talk to your previous students for references. Some people are great artists but not great teachers . Others are not cutting edge artists - but fabulous instructors. Ideally, instructors are both. But if I have to chose, I would prefer the latter to the former.

4/ It really helps if you are bilingual (Spanish and English) and already have a love of or experience with Latin culture. Instructors who are already teaching with us and are not bilingual are studying Spanish. It makes an enormous difference for the whole class experience if you can communicate with Guatemalans.

5/ If really doesn't work to teach with a partner - either financially or numberwise. So, you have to be willing to teach solo.

6/ NEVER TO BE UNDERESTIMATED!! Personality. Instructors must be easy to get along with and enjoy people, travel, adventure and teaching. If you are having fun, your students will too. And then they'll spread the word and keep coming back for more!!

Our programs are 10 days, including two travel days on either end. Which means 8 days of classes (this does vary if your class travels within Guatemala). Classes are held four hours each day - normally from 9 am to 1 pm - so instructors are responsible to provide material for that amount of class.

I hope this information helps. If you are still interested, remember - the best thing to do is come down as a participant. I hope to see you soon in Guatemala !!

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