Stories About Us.....

I feel very lucky that we've had such wonderful things printed in the media about us!! Some of these stories were written by past participants, others by freelance writers or staff newspaper writers/reporters....

November 2010 issue of Wanderlust Travel Magazine - a lovely story on Guatemala with many great pictures written by travel writer and photographer Claire Boobbyer

Fall 2007 issue of Turkey Red Journal (dedicated to Natural Dyes) - a story on honoring and reviving traditional dyeing skills written by one of our participants, Judith Musick. She took the Weaving and Crafts Tour / Sequel with Karen Searle. Only problem is she called my business Art Tours in Guatemala, instead of Art Workshops. oh well, Turkey Red Journal

April/May 2007 issue of FiberArts Magazine - a lovely story on a variety of textile tours to many places around the world. The first image is of Filomena grinding plant dye on a traditional 'piedra' at the natural dye cooperative we visit at Lake Atitlan (taken by me, thank you very much !!) FiberArts Magazine

March 2007 Houston Chronicle - staff writer Kim Hughes wrote a fun story about one of our students, Gay Dowdy, who took the bus from Houston to take the Botanical painting class in February of 2007. Houston Chronicle

May/June 2006 Transitions Abroad magazine and web site featured a story called Writing Workshops in Guatemala by Katherine McIntyre

Spring 2005 Transitions Abroad,, magazine and web site John Brandon story he wrote after our New Directions in Travel Writing class - Transitions Abroad - August 2004 "Traveling with a Purpose" a great story by writer Katherine McIntyre after she took our New Directions in Travel Writing class .. Traveling with a Purpose

Boston Globe - November 2002 a story on photo workshops by freelance writer Sarah Tomlinson

"Graveside Feasts in Guatemala" a lovely story by one of our photography participants - Lisa Strick on ..... Graveside Feasts in Guatemala - January 2002 "Weaving in Guatemala: Threads of an indigenous Way of Life" by travel writer Kennerly Clay wrote a story after taking our Backstrap Weaving course with Lidia Tarton de Santos. Weaving in Guatemala: Threads of an indigenous Way of Life

Washington Post - August 11, 2002 story called: "Learn From the Experts: Photo Classes and Workshops" by writer Elissa Leibowitz

Newsweek Magazine August 2001 Quote/ first mention and picture in story on learning vacations.. the new trend in educational travel..... also printed in the international edition.... .... July 2001 travel writer Kennerly Clay wrote a story after taking our Backstrap Weaving course with Lidia Tarton de Santos. Backstrapped

Fiber Arts Magazine - January/February 2001 "Traveler's Study Guatemalan Arts, Textiles" by our instructor Karen Searle...

Minnesota Monthly Magazine - January 2000 -- In Short / Artist's Colony...

Southwest Journal- December 2000 -- "Spotlight Arts" story on us, more personal on me (it's a neighborhood newspaper) ...

Sommerset Magazine - August 1999 "An Artful Journey" by instructor Kim Grant.

An Artful Journey

The Revue Magazine - September 1997 -- story on us by writer Harriet Beech

Siglo News - 4 March 1997 cover story on one of our watercolor classes...

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