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There is no question that the more you learn about Guatemala, its language and people -- the more you will enjoy your trip. We recommend you take a Spanish language course -- even if just to learn a few basic words. In addition, here's a list of books - yes those old fashioned paper things you hold in your hand and read - and some web links below that may be helpful.

Maya Roads - One Woman's Journey Among the People of the Rainforest by Mary Jo McConahay - I've just read this,, it's great !! It will be required reading for our upcoming Maya culture workshop. Mary Jo is a journalist, covered the wars in Central America and lived in Antigua for many years. Cover photo by Nancy McGirr.

Silence on the Mountain by Daniel Wilkinson - This is the best book I've read on Guatemala. A must for understanding the origins of Guatemala's "violent years". One of our guys Warren Capps says: "Discusses the causes and effects of the 36 year civil war. Fascinating reading, really helps me understand what some of these people have been through."

Traditional Weavers of Guatemala Their Stories, Their Lives by Deborah Chandler and Teresa Cordon. A must read for those interested in the textiles of Guatemala

Rituals of Sacrifice by Vincent Stanzione. I believe this was thesis for his PHD in Anthropology. Vince has lived in the highlands of Guatemala for many many years and has a better handle on Mayan culture than anyone I know.

Jaguar Medicine by Kenneth Johnson and Anita Garr. I've not had a chance to read this yet, but will soon. Anita has talked to the groups I've brought to Momostenango for Wajshakib Batz (Mayan New Year) and is very knowledgable. Ken is an author, astrologist and expert on the Mayan Calendar.

Out of the Dump / Writings and Photographs by Children from Guatemala edited by Nancy McGirr and Kristin Franklin Ñ a wonderful book by the children in Nancy's project FOTOKIDS.

I, Rigoberto Menchu by Rigoberto Menchu. She won 1992 Nobel Peace Prize for this book. Hard reading, but definitely worthwhile. Many controveries regarding the book and she is more popular outside of Guatemala than by her countryman, but still a classic

Tejiendo los Sucesos en el Tiempo/Weaving Events in Time by Calixta Gabriel Xiquin - Calixta often does a Mayan ceremony for our classes. This is a bilingual book of poetry.

Indian Costumes from Guatemala by Krystyna Deuss, - Karen Searle says is a classic and shows to all of our weaving tour groups.

Krystyna also wrote Shamans, Witches and Maya Priests.

Granddaughters of Corn by Marilyn Anderson - recommended by Karen Searle, our weaving tour leader.

Guatemalan Textiles Today by Marilyn Anderson - recommended by Karen Searle.

Walking to Las Milpas by Villatoro Marcos - highly recommended by one of our participants

Guatemala A Natural Destination by Richard Mahler - good background information and all around travel guide. In addition, Richard used to teach a travel writing course with us.

Hidden Guatemala by Richard Harris - good background information and all around travel guide. In addition, Richard (yes, both of them) teaches a travel writing course with us.

The Popul Vuh - the Ancient Book of Mayan Legends - there are various translations of this book.

We Were Taught to Plant Corn, Not to Kill by Tax'a Leon and Douglas London (recommended by one of our students)

Searching for Everado by Jennifer Harbury (A story of love, war and the CIA in Guatemala) - recommended by one of our writing students.

Hummingbird House by Patricia Henley - recommended by Laurie O'Brien - one of our instructors.

Techniques of Guatemalan Weaving by Lena Bjerregaard - published in 1977 by Van Nostrand Reinhold Co - recommended by one of our weaving students (Jacqueline Jacobs).

Inside Guatemala by Thomas Barry

Unfinished Conquest by Victor Perera. Photos by Daniel Chauche - an American photographer who lives in Antigua. Rites: A Guatemalan Boyhood by same author.

Endangered Peoples by Art Davidson - photos by Art Wolfe & John Isam

Strong Wind, The Green Pope and The Eyes of the Interred by Miguel Angel Asturias

The Maya - by Michael Coe

The Popul Vuh - the Ancient Book of Mayan Legends - there are various translations of this book.

Mayan Folktales by James Sexton

A Forest of Kings - the Untold Story of the Maya by Linda Schele & David Freidel

Maya Cosmos by David Freidel, Linda Schele & Joy Parker

Aztec and Maya Myths by Karl Taube

The Blood of Kings by Linda Schele & Mary Ellen Miller

Time Among the Maya (Contemporary travels) Ronald Wright

The Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya - Mary Ellen Miller & Karl Taube

The Heart of the Sky - Travels Among the Maya by Peter Canby

Breath on the Mirror by Dennis Tedlock

The Civilization of the Mayas by J Eric and S Thompson

Maya Cosmogenises 2012 by John Major Jenkins - about the Mayan Calendar (I read this and thought it was pretty interesting

Belizian Rain Forest Ñ Robert Horowitz and Jonathan Lyom; good resource for plants/animals

The World Wide Web I put this list together before the days of GOOGLE - remember then?? Now, you can easily find information with a quick search. These just happen to be a few of my favorites.

Latin America Network Info Center

Around Antigua

Conexion - Antigua's first internet cafe (English)

Antigualist ( in English)

Tropical Travel Association / based in Panajachel, has some nice background information

Institute of Maya Studies

The Maya Conservancy

Guatemala Online

INGUAT (Guatemalan tourist bureau)

US Bureau of Consular Affairs

Newspapers and magazines online:

Prensa Libre (Spanish)

Siglo XXI (Spanish)

THE REVUE (English)

QUE PASA (English and Spanish)

Other Links That May Be of Interest to You Or, some may simply be reciprocal links to sites that have been kind enough to include our information.

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