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 So, do you even know what a Lenten procession is??   
procession park That's OK, most people don't .... 
It is a difficult to describe.. 
so I hope this helps.....
 David Talks About Workshop    
Then join us !!   
3 -12 April  2014 
Travel Photography / Incredible Lenten Processions
with award winning photojournalist
 David H Wells                                 
  3 cucuruchus  David was named one of the top 13 photography 
workshop instructors by
 Photo District News
Save the date: 
  3 - 12 April 2014 
and learn why ....
Experience a new culture, 
stretch yourself as a photographer 
and come away with   
once in a lifetime images !!
 (Images: Procession at the Cathedral by Liza  Fourre; Three Cucuruchus by David Wells)
man walking volcano by david wells
With David you will: 
** Spend early mornings and late afternoons (when the light is magic) out shooting at a variety of locations including Mayan markets
and day to day life in small villages. 


** Mid day you'll learn the tools of the trade that will improve your photography, such as: 
* The photographer's camera and bag; * Being in the right place at the right time;  * Varying the time of day; 
* Understanding and working with the available natural light, 
* Composition;  * Stopping action vs showing motion;  * Framing and scaling;  * Thoughts on tripods;  *Using the appropriate  lens;  * Basics of flash
(Images: Walking by Volcano and Fisherman on Lake Atitlan by David Wells) 
wells pic
** Both group and individual critique sessions are invaluable learning experiences ...  in fact, many of our participants say that is where they learn the most !!   
** Travel to Lake Atitlan - considered by many one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.  It provides a wealth of image making opportunities !!  We stay at the lovely
Posada Santiago  for three nights.
** Learn valuable tools to improve your photography, such as: The traveling photographers camera and bag; 
*** Experience a Mayan Ceremony and learn more about Mayan spirituality and culture
** And of course, photograph one of the largest and most impressive of Antigua's Lenten processions - from the village of San Bartolo the Sunday before Semana Santa.  
** David has taught workshops for this procession for many years, so he knows the ins and outs of where to get the best photographs.  
The morning starts with an early trek to the photos w soldiersvillage, photographing families making both pine needle and sawdust carpets in front of their homes along the way.  The procession leaves the church and winds through the streets of Antigua all day and into the night.  Friendly Roman soldiers pose with David's students.
(Image by Liza Fourre)  
*** As a class, you'll take a break from picture making and we will make a carpet in front of our hotel...
*** Day to day itinerary available upon request  
*** Cost is a very reasonable $2095 and includes: tuition, lodging in lovely small colonial style hotels, a hearty breakfast each morning, all ground transportation (including airport transfers) and some pretty interesting cultural experiences.   
** If you'd like to join us, email Liza, call 612-825-0747 or skype (lizafourre)
and we'll get you set to go!! 
You may also simply fill out and send in the
registration form on our web page.
Comments from David's students:

wells w sandy"It was really a pleasure to discover Guatemala, the people and culture with such a skilled instructor, David, and all of you in our group of very wonderful unpretentious talented photographers. We really were a very close group, weren't we. I particularly enjoyed some of my individual contacts and photo jaunts I went on with you.  And all so very well arranged and organized by you, Liza and your very warm, efficient and knowledgeable staff. I felt very secure and well taken care of the entire time."   Shelley O'Connell  3/09

"David is a good teacher & so willing to share what he knows. I thought there was a good ratio between lecture and shooting time.  He was helpful in the"field" answering questions, etc.  You, Ceci, & Freddy did a great job of making sure everything went smoothly- couldn't have been more gracious and accommodating!  Really, Liza - if I had a complaint, I'd let you know, but I really don't have any - It was a great trip!!"  Sally Thompson 3/09 

photogs shooting cucuruchos   "David's instruction was great, very much on target for me.  I am so relatively new to photography, without a lot of shooting practice, and I felt he was patient with me, even when asking him to explain something for the 3rd or 4th time. Thanks again for a great workshop, and for introducing me to the beauty and the people of Guatemala.  Warm regards,"  Mary Stroupe 3/08

"I was very pleased and liked David a lot.  Smart, knowledgeable, pleasant and fun to listen to.  Nice to everyone, interesting, and above all, generous and tolerant as a teacher."  Linda Nagel  3/08

"I really enjoyed the workshop.  I learned a lot and had a good time. For me it was as much about immersion in Guatemalan life - visiting the markets, doing the Lent things, and interacting with people. Thanks for everything, Liza - it was everything I had hoped it would be "   Patty Martinson  3/06 (and 2/04 Weave Sequel)


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