Spanish Language Instruction

Antigua is home to many fine Spanish language schools. Most offer one on one instruction for either full or half days and can arrange home stays with local families for a reasonable cost.

Many people contact us asking if we can recommend one of these schools. There are so many to choose from !!! But because they all offer one on one instruction, I think the quality of your learning experience will totally depend on who your instructor happens to be. Many of the schools suggest that students study with a different instructor each week, so that they have a variety of learning styles. What may work well for one student, may not work as well for another.

If you would like to maintain or improve your existing Spanish skills with a real immersion experience, we suggest you take our backstrap weaving class. All of our instructors are local indigenous weavers. You will not only be using your Spanish the entire time, but is an invaluable opportunity to spend time with a local family and experience what village life is really like!! You may choose to take that instruction either at their home in a nearby village or in Antigua.

Sometimes our participants study Spanish either before or after their workshop with us. This is a GREAT idea and we encourage you to try it !! It really does make your stay more meaningful (not to mention fun!) if you can communicate with the Guatemalans you'll meet.

One of our recent participants, Leslie, told me she so fell in love with Guatemala that she plans to return soon, but meanwhile is studying Spanish online with this organization - Speak Spanish Live - and she is very happy with how she is learning. Why don't you give it a try and let me know how it goes.

This website offers review's of Spanish language schools in Guatemala:

Buena Suerte !!


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