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YOGA FOR HEALTH, HEALING AND HAPPINESS - Many people practice yoga daily, and derive a multitude of benefits from that practice. They feel more centered, have more energy, are in better physical condition and enjoy a greater sense of well-being. Probably many more of us WISH we practiced yoga on a regular basis, but can't quite seem to find the time to make it a priority within our busy lives.

Instructor Delia Sullivan will lead the group through morning and evening sessions - focusing on postures that will improve flexibility, balance and strength and then winding down to a relaxing meditation. She'll also work with students individually, after discussing goals and observing where each participant could strengthen their practice. She'll bring in other yoga methods, such as partner yoga, and utilize her experience working with therapeutic yoga. 

Delia will also help you integrate the calming and healing cultural experience that is an integral part of this workshop. She knows our program well because she's been with us for two photography workshops!! (No wonder she's such a great photographer) We'll visit indigenous families, small town markets and experience a Mayan healing ceremony. The sights, the sounds and smells of colorful, indigenous Guatemala often give people a new perspective on the challenges in their life.

This workshop is an opportunity to get away from your normal daily demands (maybe even your kids!) and devote more than a week of your time to exploring how yoga and meditation can open up new possibilities within yourself, ways of viewing or managing your life while at the same time building a solid structural foundation for future yoga practice and study. It is also very appropriate for experienced yoga students looking to deepen and expand your practice.

Click here for more information on Delia's 4 - 13 April 2014 workshop


MAYA COSMOVISION AND THE TZOLK'IN NEW YEAR - Do you know that the Maya have many calendars. Not just the more famous Long Count Calendar,, with the famous renewal date of winter solstice 21 December 2012. But also a 260 day sacred calendar, called the Tzolk'in, a 365 day agricultural calendar call the Haab. We'll bring you to experience the Maya New Year Wajshikib' B'atz, of the Sacred Calendar. We'll also be in Antigua for the Burning of the Devil, and learn about ancient Maya Culture with a 3 day stay in the Maya center - Tikal, where we will learn about the temples, stelae and experience the night sky and sunrise overlooking the Plaza Mayor

Click here for more information on Wajshikib' B'atz 12 December 2012 (12/12/12)



I don't know about you, but with 2012 approaching, I've wanted to find the time to learn more about the Maya calendar, more of the history of this ancient civilization that so brilliantly constructed Tikal, Palenque, Copan and countless other bustling cities. The Maya were incredible astronomers - to have developed the most accurate calendar ever devised.

I’d love to go back to college and take Maya Civilization 101. What do scholars and scientists have to say?? How does that fit in with what I know first hand from my Maya friends, reading books, my almost 20 years of experience living and working in Guatemala.

But it's that busy life - lack of time thing. However, time is running out - so I'm going to delve into the learning - and invite you to join me !! Join us and learn from respected local authorities in this field. In short, we'll explore:

* We'll travel to Tikal - and learn about the temples, stelae and experience the night sky and sunrise overlooking the Plaza Mayor

* The Calendar - Maya concept of time determined by astronomy - how did they arrive at winter solstice 2012 ??

* Mayan Spirituality - how it is practiced today, how it was influenced by the Spanish conquest, the Catholic Church and now a growing evangelical population

* We'll meet with Rituals of Sacrifice author Vinny Stanzione, Maya Roads author Mary Jo McConahay, archeologist Mary Lou Ridinger and local Maya elders and spiritual guides.

* Cosmovision - what does this really mean ??

* Maya ceremony - using energy for healing

* Build a 'spirit house' in Santiago Atitlan

* Discover your Nawala - reading your Maya birth date sign

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CREATIVITY AND MAYAN CULTURE - Are you fascinated by Mayan culture?? Would you like to learn about the mysterious jungle pyramids, the colorful weavings found in the markets, the resilient and beautiful people?? Join multi-media artist, writer and popular instructor Betty Chancey for an inspirational workshop that includes travel to Tikal.

Anytime we venture beyond the realm of our normal, daily experiences, our perceptions are altered, our creativity charged. And the more foreign a culture we thrust ourselves into, the more profound the effect. In this hands-on workshop, you'll explore Mayan history, cosmology, plant and animal lore and modern life from an artist's perspective. Through a series of guided exercises both playful and meditative, learn how this rich culture can elicit powerful responses in your own work. You'll engage in treasure hunts, visit Mayan textile markets and experience a religious Mayan ceremony.

Let the images, myths and realities of another culture take you outside yourself to bring a sharper edge to your own creative work. Artistic visionaries from Paul Gaugin to Paul Simon have long recognized the profound effect a foreign culture has on one's creative vision. Isn't it time you did something to relight your creative fire??



ART ADVENTURES FOR EDUCATORS - We have a number of folks (mostly educators) who've told me they are interested in our workshops and they'd like to visit Guatemala, but they just aren't free to travel when we offer those workshops (winter and fall). Sometimes they are interested in a specific field (ie photography or watercolors) but mostly they are looking for a recharge, a renewing experience over the summer months. They'd like a cultural experience, to learn a little more about Hispanic culture where often, so many of their students come from. They want to have some fun, make new friends, but also learn something they can take back to the classroom and help them be better educators the following year.

So, I talked to many of our past participants who are teachers and asked them what was valuable about their experience with our program. I've taken the results of those discussions and put together just what educators are looking for. First, we'll visit indigenous families. You'll try your hand at weaving, get a feel for what life is really like in an indigenous culture. Then, we'll get into a few outlying villages, visit local markets, not just the ones for tourists, but where the locals buy fruit, vegetables and clothes that look like they came from KMart on a daily basis. Then, we'll visit Guatemalan schools. Many of our educators were simply curious and wanted to see them. The school year in Guatemala runs from end January until end October (the time off is for coffee picking). We'll also travel up to Lake Atitlan. I feel that you just can't miss the lake, especially if you are visiting Guatemala for the first time. It is gorgeous, an artistic inspiration, and located in the heart of the Mayan indigenous highlands.

This workshop is scheduled during the feast day of St. James (July 25), the patron saint of both Antigua (in colonial times it was called Santiago de los Caballeros) and Santiago Atitlan. There are lot of fun local festivities to enjoy, climbing a greased pole, music in central park, concerts in the ruins, and for years now we've enjoyed picture perfect weather because of the canicula (a short dry spell I liken to Indian Summer for those of us from cold weather climates). So, it's the perfect time to visit Guatemala !!!


ALFOMBRAS / THE ART OF CARPETMAKING - No where is Holy Week (the week before Easter) more spectacular than in Antigua. Families design and construct carpets made of sawdust, pine needles and flowers in the streets in front of their homes -- as their fathers and grandfathers did before them. They do this before processions pass by -- hundreds of people from various churches carrying 'andas' - heavy floats weighing tons - on their shoulders, with historical statues of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and other saints.

You'll learn about the history of carpetmaking and about the various styles and materials traditionally used. Since the carpeting making goes on all week - you'll have a chance to see many of them before we put our creative heads collectively together and design our own. Then, since the best way to learn (and the most fun) is to do - we'll begin the process of designing and making our own carpet.

We work with a local artist - Don Juan José Quiroa - who is passionate about his work carrying on the tradition of making carpets. Carpetmaking is NOT a dying art, but it is more difficult to find the masters, who are handing the traditions down through their families. Making the carpets is hard work, time consuming and expensive . So unfortunately, many local families just can't afford the materials anymore. We'll also visit and see processions in surrounding small villages for a totally different (and non-touristy) experience. Please join us for a truly once in a lifetime fabulous experience!!




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