What Our Participants Have to Say...

 ....Ours was a wonderful experience in Guatemala. Your touch was very evident with every experience we had. I loved last time, but this time was even more memorable. Were you responsible for lining up all the planets like that?? WOW -- am I impressed!! Maureen Mc/ Weaving Nebaj '09 / Weaving Sequel '03 / Weaving Original Tour '99  

  ..... Dear Liza - Thank you again for such a fantastic trip ! I can't stop talking about it (and mentioning Art Workshops in Guatemala of course!) Best wishes,
Joyce / Backstrap Weaving '02
   .... Liza, the trip was just fabulous!! I really appreciate all you did to make if fun, beautiful, life-expanding and such an education. I will recommend the art workshops to anybody. Susan / Weaving Tour '2000

   ....You didn't warn us how much Antigua would invade our souls... I can't stop thinking about the place. The price is very reasonable, I thought, for all the wonderful events planned, great house and super instructor to boot!! You accomplished your mission very much !! My visit there was better than I ever imagined it could be. I had never done anything like this before and you gave me a very quality experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Francesca / Papermaking '99

 ... Yo Amo Guatemala -- Thanks everyone for your guidance and patience! Thank you for showing me this beautiful land and introducing me to many amazing people. Hopefully my photos can say what my heart felt. Adios - Janell / Spirit of Place '99  


....This was a fantastic workshop. We made great books, saw so much of Guatemala countryside and made many wonderful friends. Thank you, Liza, for such a wonderful, creative opportunity. Laurie / Book Arts '99


 ......Your program is successful because you are very sensitive to the details and to each individual...I REALLY have nothing but praise...I can see why you love it there. Lynn / Voice of the Soul '97 and Spirit of Place '99   .......I had no idea what to expect, but the reality far exceeded any expectations I had. This was one of the best trips I've ever taken.
Lauren - Wood Spirits Sculpture '97  

   .......My second trip - even better than the first. Saw more, bought more, laughed more (if that's possible) and learned more...definitely a fantastic opportunity for creative expansion. I'll be back!
Kathy / Papermaking '97 and '98
   ..... We all want to thank you for your efforts in providing us with a wonderful trip and exceptional experiences. It was a week off the beaten path and away from our everyday existence...it was fantastic!
Diane / Loom Beading '97

  ....Liza, I want to tell you how much again I enjoyed my time there. My trip to Guatemala was more than I ever expected or imagined. The sights, the sounds, the insights all have remained with me to brighten my dreary winter. Thank you so much for your part in it. Love, Leenda / Spirit of Place '02    .....Thanks for all your help in providing us with a stimulating, educational trip. Would I go again? You bet!!
Roberta / Adventure Travel Photography '97

 ......A rich visit. thanks for all - I'm still having Guatemala dreams.
Jackie - Wood Spirits Sculpture '97

 ......A trip of a lifetime. It opened my heart to not only art but the essence of life. I loved every minute.
Laurel - Papermaking '97
   ....Thanks again for a wonderful wonderful time. This was one of those trips that one remembers long after leaving.
Virginia / Spirit of Place '02

 ....I had a pretty negative image of "group" travel. But this turned out to be more like traveling and having fun with a few friends. It was a great week. I loved it.
Paul / Adventure Travel Photography '97
   ....Liza, words just don't express what an awesome experience I had in Guatemala. Thank you for all your hard constant work to ensure a taste of a different culture for us .
Sharri / Hand Painting on Silk '03

 ... Dear Liza,
This is an oh-so-late thank you. But the lateness does not dilute the sincerity of my expression. THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY, MUCH for an incredible experience.
  "Liza, I'll return my evaluation, though I believe the old adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies. I enjoyed the whole experience so much I would like to return. For all we did, this has to be the greatest value out there. "
Thomas/Adventure Photo w Steve Northup 2003  

" ....It has been an enriching experience to be in this part of the world. I think some of the weave of this country has enmeshed me. It is simply reaffirming to see beauty and hope in so many different multi-color translations. Makes the world bigger and smaller at the same time!! Mary Ellen / Snapshots in Words '2000

  .....I came to Antigua for the "Creative Writing" workshop. I didn't know I would leave as a different person, not only more "creative" but also more humane...It was the most amazing experience I've ever had.
Carolina / Voice of the Soul '97

 .....This whole experience has been a delight. Our group was so much fun & we learned so much from Bonnie and from each other.
Betty / Watercolors w/Bonnie Broitzman '97

 ........Thank you again for the wonderful "program". I learned a lot, had a great time, and find myself missing Guatemala! Dan / Adventure Travel Photo '2000

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